Analytical Chemistry (1982-1999)

since 2000: part of the Institute of Chemistry

The Institute of Analytical Chemistry was placed at Schubertstrasse 1

Photo of the institute building at Schubertstrasse 1

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After the splitting of the institute of inorganic and analytical chemistry, Reinhold PIETSCH (venia, more data) was elected as head of the institute of analytical chemistry. His research fields were the use of arsonic and arsinic acids for the separation of metal ions and the properties of alpha-aminocarboxylic acids in the precipitation of metal ions. Besides this, he investigated the contents of Styrian swamps.

In this era, the follwing chemists got their venia legendi:

Walter KOSMUS (born 1948 in Graz) got his doctoral in 1974 as student of Nachbaur. In 1988 he obtained the venia in environmental analytical chemistry. His research fields are mainly environmental analyses.

Kurt KALCHER (born 1955 in Gleisdorf), later chairman of the institute, got his doctoral degree (sub auspiciis praesidentis) in 1980. In 1988 he obtained the venia in inorganic analytical chemistry .

Pic of Pietsch
Reinhold Pietsch
Pic of Kosmus
Walter Kosmus

In this era, Kurt IRGOLIC (born 1938 in Hartberg/Styria) was head of the institute. Irgolic studied chemistry in Graz and got his doctoral degree in 1964 as student of Musil. In 1972 he obtained the venia at the Texas A&M University. His research interests were in the field of arsenic, selenium and tellurium chemistry. Besides this, he applied analytical methods to biological and archeological samples (e.g Ötzis hair).

1998-1999, Irgolic was dean of the University of Graz, and his influence caused 5 of the 6 chemistry institutes to join together to a large "institute of chemistry".

In this era, Manfred SAGER (born 1953 in Vienna) got his venia legendi in 1995 for inorganic analytical chemistry. His research deals with inorganic trace analysis of sediments and soils.

Pic of Irgolic
Kurt Irgolic


In summer 1999, Irgolic died because of an accident in the mountains. In the last 5 months (before five chemistry institutes joined to one large institute) Kurt KALCHER (venia) was head of the institute. His research fields are trace analysis and environmental analytical chemistry..

Pic of K.Kalcher
Kurt Kalcher