Inorganic Chemistry (1982-1999)

since 2000: part of the Institute of Chemistry

The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry was placed at Universitätsplatz 1 (= Halbärthgasse 5 = Schubertstrasse 1)

Photos of the institute building at Schubertstrasse 1

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After splitting of the institute of inorganic and analytical chemistry, Edgar NACHBAUR (former head of the institute of inorganic and analytical chemistry) was the first head of this new institute.

In this era Alois POPITSCH (born 1941), later elected head of this institute, who had got his doctoral degree as student of Nachbaur, obtained the venia in inorganic chemistry.

Pic of Nachbaur
Edgar Nachbaur

After Nachbaur had retired because of sickness, Alois POPITSCH (data and venia) was elected as head of the institute..

In this era, Ferdinand BELAJ (born 1957 in Unterpremstätten/Styria) who had got his doctoral degree in 1985 as student of Schurz, Kratky and Nachbaur, obtained in 1997 the venia for inorganic chemistry. The research field of Belaj deals with x-ray investigations of silver compounds and of momomeric trichlorophosphazenes.

Pic of Popitsch
Alois Popitsch
Pic of Belaj
Ferdinand Belaj