Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1969 - 1976)

1976- 2004: Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the Pharmacy faculty
Since 2004: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The institute building was placed at Heinrichstrasse 28

Photo of the institute building at Schubertstrasse 1

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After Zinkes´s death (1963), Gustav ZIGEUNER (born 1920 in Graz) ( venia) became chairman of pharmaceutical chemistry at the institute of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. He got his doctoral degree in 1946 as student of Ziegler. In 1949 he obtained the venia legendi for organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. His research was directed to the synthesis of organic compounds such as diazonium salts, resins, and N-heterocycles.

In 1969, pharmaceutical chemistry was founded as institute and remained in the old chemistry institute, whereas organic chemistry moved into the new building at Heinrichstrasse 28. The old chemistry building was renovated and a large new building was set up at the Schubertstrasse side.

Until 1976, pharmaceutical chemistry was part of the chemistry institutes; with the new organization of the university (UOG75), pharmaceutical chemistry was separated from the chemistry field and became part of the pharmaceutical branch.

Between 1963 and 1976, the following chemists got their venia legendi:

Florian KNOTZ (born 1914 in Graz) got in 1945 his doctoral degree. In 1971 he obtained the venia for pharmaceutical chemistry; his research was directed to the development of chemotherapeutic agents.

Winfried WENDELIN (born 1941 in Graz) got his doctoral degree in 1968 as student of Zigeuner. In 1976 he obtained the venia for pharmaceutical chemistry; his research deals with pharmacologically interesting heterocyclic compounds.

pic. of Zigeuner
Gustav Zigeuner