Theoretical Chemistry (1978-1999)

since 2000: part of the Institute of Chemistry

In this time the Institute of Theoretical chemistry was placed from 1978-1996 at Mozartgasse 14 , and then from 1996-1999 at Strassoldogasse 10
Photo-Mozartgasse Photo-Strassoldogasse
Photos of the institute buildings at Mozartgasse 14 (1978-1996), Strassoldogasse 10 (1996-1999)

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Theoretical Chemistry was part of Physical Chemistry in former times. Since 1971, it was planned to found a new Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, however, this idea failed because no place was available for the new institute. Some years later, when there was a free place because the preclinical institutes had got a new building, again the foundation of this institute was planned, and in 1978, Rudolf JANOSCHEK (born 1939 in Freising/Bavaria) was appointed as the first head of this new institute. He studied theoretical physics in Giessen and got here his doctoral degree in 1967. In 1973 he obtained the venia at the institute of theoretical chemistry in Stuttgart (IR activity of hydrogen bondings). His research deals with quantum chemical calculations of spectroscopic properties of molecules and its reactivity properties .

In his era, two chemists got the venia docendi:

Alexander SAX (born 1952 in Graz) got his doctoral degree in 1978 as student of Sterk. In 1990 he obtained the venia for theoretical chemistry. His research deals with calculations on small silicon-hydrogen molecules and amorphous silicon hydrides.

Josef KALCHER (born 1954 in Gleisdorf/Styria, +2007 in Graz) got his doctoral degree as student of Sterk. In 1989 he obtained the venia for theoretical chmemistry.

Pic of Janoschek
Rudolf Janoschek
Pic of Sax
Alexander Sax
Pic of Kalcher  Josef
Josef Kalcher