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History of Chemistry at the University of Graz

In the middle of the nineties of the 20th century I started a private project of a web-based description of the History of Chemistry at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz. First I restricted my work to the history of Organic Chemistry, but later I expanded the coverage to the history of the complete chemistry of our University with the following restriction: The coverage is restricted to the institutes which belonged and belong to the Department of Chemistry, and I excluded Medicinal Chemistry, and after the separation also Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry (which had moved to the Institute of Biosciences), mainly because of the lack of data.

The webpages are built up according to the following pattern:

  • Description of the buildings, where the Institutes were located
  • Sequence of the Heads of the Institutes
  • People who got the "venia docendi" (authority of teaching) in this area.

According to the information which I got, important events (e.g. congresses) are documented.
Newer partes of the webpages are illustrated with press reports about Institutes, work-groups and single persons.

Until 1984 the text follows the 2 cited books (see Bibliography), which were published about the history of our Chemistry. Later events are documented by facts which I got or found (I am no professional historian).

My graphical material is rather complete, because I got a lot of pictures and photographs starting with the fifties of the 20th century. I got also a copy of the original description about the build-up of the first Chemistry Institute from 1878. Starting with 1968 (when I started my chemistry study in Graz) most photographs are from my own archive.

Additional information, corrections, photographs etc. are always highly welcome.

Language: These pages were written in English instead of German (although Graz is located in Austria, which is a German-speaking country in Europe). I hope, lovers of the German language may excuse this (I got some complaints about this fact), but my opinion is, that the language of chemistry and of the internet is English and that with these pages in English a larger auditorium can be reached.

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