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35. Synthesis of 4-Carbofunctionalized 2-Quinolones with Potential Biological Activity
Stadlbauer W., Täubl A.E., Knobloch B.,
14. Scientific Meeting of the Austrian Pharmaceutical Society, Graz (Austria), June 11-13, 1998

Abstract: New synthetic pathways for pharmakological interesting 2-quinolone derivatea with 4-alkyl- und 4-alkylidensubstituents are presented. 4-Alkyl-2-quinolones are prepared from von 4-chloro- oder 4-tosyloxy-2-quinolones by alkylation with CH-acidic compounds such as z. B. malonates or acetoacetates zugänglich. Thermolytic degradation of diethyl 2-(4-quinolinyl)-malonates leads to quinolin-4-acetates. Thermolysis of dimethyl (4-quinolinyl)-malonates having a nitro group in 3-positionleads to osoxazoloesters. Die Wittig- oder Grignardreaction of 3,3-disubstituted quinolin-2,4-diones leads to zu 4-alkylidenquinolones.

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