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41. Study of the Thermal Behavior of Azidohetarenes
with Differential Scanning Calorimetry.
Stadlbauer, W., Hojas, G.
6th Symposium on Instrumental Analysis, 24-27 June 2001, Graz/Mariatrost

Abstract: Azidohetarenes have found large interest because of its synthetic value [1]. Their thermal properties were studied by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)[2].

In this work three types of azidohetarenes were studied: Azidohetarenes without reactive ortho substituents which are known to give amines and azo compounds were compared with ortho-phenyl and ortho-acyl substituted azidohetarenes, which gave ring closure reactions either to indoles or to five-membered heterocycles such as isoxazoles. The temperature areas and reaction enthalpies give both information to plan the reaction conditions and important safety information. A further aspect was to find out whether the temperatures or enthalpies give a connection with the three different reaction mechanism which were found for the three different pathways.

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