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43. Introduction of Linking Groups by Alkylation of Fluorescent Heterocycles
Wolfgang Stadlbauer*, Werner De Cecco, Gerhard Hojas, Jenny Kremsner, Marek Pazicky, Anamaria Terec-Suciu, Pedro Traar and Georg Uray
Sixth International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ECSOC-6), http://www.mdpi.net/ecsoc-6, September 1-30, 2002, www-Poster A008

Abstract: Quinolin-2-ones of type A having electron donating groups in pos. 6 and 7 are stable fluorescent dyes absorbing close to the visible [1,2]. This makes such carbostyrils interesting to be used in devices utilizing the new blue laser diodes. In this contribution several methods are described to introduce a reactive linker group which allows binding to amino acids or proteins or immobilization at polymers. A versatile variation leads to almost selective functionalization of the nitrogen in position 1 without loss of the luminescence properties. After conversion to stable reactive intermediates mild acylation of amino-acids and proteins gives fluorescent products showing good quantum yield.

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