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Description of the experiment
Chemiluminescence of Luminol

Luminol (3-Aminophthalic acid hydrazide, commercially available from e.g. Aldrich) is oxidized with hydrogen peroxide and potassium hexacyanoferrate as catalyst. This reaction produces a bright yellow-green light.
There are prepared 2 solutions:
Solution A: 0.1 g of Luminol are dissolved in 20 ml of 10-% NaOH. Then the mixture is diluted to 200 mL.
Solution B: 0.5 g K3[Fe(CN)6] are dissolved in 20 mL of a 5-% hydrogen peroxide solution
(Attention: solution B is stable only for a short period).
In a dark room, freshly prepared solution B is added to solution A. A bright yellow green light can be observed. Addition of small portions of K3[Fe(CN)6] refreshes the chemoluminescence.