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14. Syntheses of isocoumarins from malonyl heterocycles
Stadlbauer W., Ghobrial N., Kappe Th. Z. Naturforsch. 35b (1980) 892-895

Abstract: Reaction of diphenylcarbonate 2 with enolized phenylmalonyl heterocyclic compounds as the quinolones 1a-c, the quinolizinones 4 or the phenalenones 6a,b yields the condensed isocoumarines 3a-c, 5 or 7a,b, respectively. Contrary to these results 3-hydroxy-2-phenyl-chinchoninic acid (8) or its decarboxylated product 10 do not form the expected isocpumarin 9 but afford the diquinoline-gamma-pyrone 11.

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