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15. Synthesis of benzofuranes by cyclodehydrogenation of phenylmalonyl heterocyclic compounds
Stadlbauer W., Schmut O., Kappe Th., Monatsh. Chem. 111 (1980) 1005-1013

Abstract: Phenylmalonyl heterocyclic compounds such as the quinolones 1a-c or 3, benzoquinolizinones 6a,b and the phenalenones 8a,b can be converted to benzofuranes (2a-c, 7a-b and 9a,b) by cyclodehydrogenation with Pd/C in boiling diphenylether. 2-Phenylchinchonic acid (10) reacts under the same conditions to the dimeric benzofuroquinoline 12; the decarboxylated quinoline 11 however gives the monomer 13.

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