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20. Isoquinolino[4,3-c]quinoline from phenylmalonylheterocycles
Stadlbauer W., Kappe Th., Monatsh. Chem. 113 (1982) 751-760

Abstract: The reaction of 3-phenyl-4-hydroxy-2-quinolone (1) and benzylammoniumchloride yields the 4-aminocompounds 2 as main products. the isoquino condensed quinolones 3 are formed as byproducts. Thermolysis of 4-benzylamino-2-quinolones (4) affords also 3. Better yields of 3 are obtaineds by condensing the 4-aminoquinolones 2 with benzaldehyde followed by thermal cyclodehydrogenation of the benzylideneamino compounds 6.

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