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52. Simple and effective approaches to coumestans and azacoumestans (Review)
Stadlbauer W., Kappe Th. Heterocycles 35 (1993), 1425-40

Abstract: Coumestans and its mono- and diaza-analogs, which possess potential estrogenic or antiestrogenic activities, can be synthesized easily in excel- lent yields (60-90%) by the following four methods, starting either from 4-hydroxy- 3-arylcoumarins and -quinolones (from 4-amino derivatives) by cataly- tic dehydrogenation or reacting 3-hydroxy-3-arylquinoline-2,4-diones by acid- catalyzed dehydration. Phenyl ethers cyclize by catalytic or photochemical dehydrohalogenation. Another way is the thermal or photochemical decomposition of 4-azido-3-aryl derivatives to the azacoumestans.

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