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63. Thermolysis of 3-Azidophenalen-1-ones to Naphtho[8,1-ab]carbazolones and Naphtho[8,1-ab]8a-azonia-9-lamda2-azafluoren-7-ones (Organic azides in heterocyclic synthesis, 21)
Fischer M., Stadlbauer W. J. Heterocyclic Chem,34 (1997), 993-997

Abstract: 3-azido-1-phenalenones with reactive ortho-substituents such as aryl- or hetarylsubstituents in position 2 cyclized by thermolysis to give naphtho[8,1-ab]carbazolones or naphtho[8,1-ab]8a-azonia-9-lambda2-azafluoren-7-ones. The reaction conditions were studied by DSC.

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