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69. Synthesis of 4-carbofunctionalized 2 quinolones with potential biological activity
Stadlbauer W., Täubl A.E., Knobloch B. , Sci. Pharm., 66 (1998), 116.

Abstract: Some new synthese for pharmacolgically interetsing 2-quinolones are described: 4-chloro-2-quinolones with electron withdrawing groups in position 3 react with CH-acidic compounds such as malonates to give 4-alkylquinolones, which have found interest because of its antivital activity. The thermolysis of quinoline-4-malonates gives the corresponding acetates, again a class of compounds with pharmacological interest. With nitro substituents in position 3, isoxazoles are formed on thermolysis. The thermolysis conditions are studiedby DSC. The Wittig reaction od quinoline-2,4-diones with alkyl-triphenylphosphoniumhalogenides leads to 4-Alkyliden-2-quinolones, which show antiviral properties.

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