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98. Synthesis of Quinolin-4-yl Substituted Malonates, Cyanoacetates, Acetoacetates and Related Compounds
Stadlbauer W., Täubl A. E., Dang H.V., Reidlinger C., Zangger K., J. Heterocyclic Chem., 43, 117-125 (2006).

4-Chloro- or 4-tosyloxyquinolines 1 and 10 react with CH-acidic compounds such as malonates 2a,b, ethyl cyanoacetate (2c), malononitrile (2d), ethyl acetoacetate (2e), acetylacetone (2f) or dimedone (2g) under mild conditions and good yields to quinolin-4-yl substituted derivatives 3-8 and 11. With 3-phenylsulfonylquinolones 1i-k a redox reaction to 2-hydroxy-2-quinolin-4-yl-malonates 9 was observed. Amination of 3-nitroquinolinyl malonate 3f lead to malonester-amides 13 and 14.

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